Lights, Camera, Action: Videos on Your Blog

As a blogger and a freelancer, I find myself learning new things all the time. It’s part of the joy of my job—I get to find new skills that add something new to my site. Sometimes, I learn them from friends or colleagues, and sometimes I find myself teaching myself a whole new skill over the weekend, a cat in my lap and coffee in my hand. 

This week, I was thinking about one of my newest skills: making videos. I spent a long time avoiding the topic because, let’s be real, I’m no videographer or director. Still, it’s a handy skill, and it’s one that can boost your views, clicks, and engagement. So, where do you begin? 

My Experience with Video 

When I first started freelancing, I didn’t expect to be making videos a few years later. I didn’t know anything about filming and editing, so I was afraid I’d mess up. I avoided it, and well, until a Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer put in a special request for some videos for the firm’s site. 

So, I went on a limb, gathering the footage the firm wanted and editing together. I admit, it did take a little longer than my usual work. But, it also turned out to be a ton of fun. There was a little trial and error, sure, but now, editing videos is one of my favorite parts of working on blogs for my clients. 

Stage Fright and Other Common Problems

Now, not everyone agrees with me on that, and a lot of people are a little worried about doing these videos right. For example, you may be worried about appearing on video, or even nervous about shooting videos. I admit, I’m not much of a director myself, but learning is a big part of the fun, too. 

Other people are a little intimidated by the amount of learning you may need for editing and making these videos. I understand that can be a big undertaking, too, and I was a little overwhelmed by the process. Still, learning a new skill can make a big difference in your career, not to mention the fact that learning a new skill is good for you. 

Boost Your Blog with Motion Picture Fun

When you’re freelancing and making money on websites like I do, knowing every tip and tool you can use makes a big difference. Sure, you could hire someone to make a video for you, and you could pay other people to do other parts of your website. But, doing everything yourself doesn’t just give you a wider skill set—it also means you have to involve (and pay) fewer people in the process. 

If you’ve never made a video for a website, give it a try for your own website. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, it’s a handy skill to learn. 

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