A Week of Video Editing

It’s been a busy week over here at Byer Corp. This week, I’ve focused on video editing. Fun fact—it’s one of my newest skills! When I studied web design, I mostly focused on images, not videos. Still, after a while, I realized it was a serious gap in my knowledge.

Fortunately, I picked it up pretty quickly. Now, sitting down with Adobe Premiere and working the afternoon away on a video while my cat tries to climb over my keyboard is the highlight of my week.

This week, though, I thought I’d do a deep dive and work on some videos both for clients, and a few samples to share for my portfolio. Then, I thought that maybe you viewers might want to take a peek behind the curtain and see how I churn out these orders and pages.

So, step into my office. I’m offering tours now.

Client Orders and Sample Videos

First, I had a few client orders waiting that needed to be handled and processed. These can be pretty fun at times, but this week was really special. After Lemon, my cat, had her most recent check-up, I chatted with the vet about my work and how I was doing. That’s when she asked me the question I’ve been waiting for.

“Can you help us with our site?”

I would have done it for free, honestly.

I even joined the videographer on the appointment there, which meant I got to spend a relaxing afternoon playing with puppies, then editing the footage of the playdate.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games. While their site looks adorable now, I wanted to get a few more serious pieces out there as well. So, I worked on a sleek, bold template for a newsy site, and I worked on a few more videos. These are more geared toward doctor abuse cases, and I’ve already got a West Palm Beach medical malpractice attorney or two interested in my work. Overall, things are looking good.

My Weekly Process

So, how do I do it? Mostly, I get all this work done with lots and lots of coffee. Joking aside, I do like to start early, when it’s still a little chilly and my cup of tea or coffee is piping hot. Usually, a cat or two comes along to relax on the desk while I work.

Usually, I start with the big picture. I organize the shots and make sure it flows. I’m super organized, so I usually have at least a basic outline of what I want and where it goes. From there, I dig into the little details, smoothing things out and making sure it looks not just good, but perfect.

I always save the sound editing for last, partly because I just don’t have a good ear. I’ve got eagle eyes for color and contrast, but sound design and music are beyond me. So, it always takes a little extra time and a lot of extra listens to get everything sounds just right. Most of the time, I like to think I do pretty well for a one-woman operation, too.

Back to Editing

Sitting down to write these little peeks into my life are always great. It’s nice to get to stretch my fingers on something that isn’t copy or marketing blurbs or all that fun stuff.

Still, I’ve got to return to the real work someday, right? I’ve still got a few more videos to finish before my work day is up. If you’re interested in learning more about my process, designs, or just want to get to know me a little better, check out my other posts, or just stay tuned for more.

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